Our Sisyphus fitness machine

The creation of the machine is inspired by myth of Sisyphus, so we called it, The Sisyphus, as the mechanical simulator of pushing ballast on the flat surface with the possibility of regulating the electronic surface slope (uphill) and electronic regulation of size of the ballast(weight pushing). The effect of exercise and the exercise procedure is similar to rolling a tractor tire or heavy barrel on different gradient surfaces (every muscle in the body works, leg muscles, back, arms, stomach ... ), but more complex and more efficient , with a measurement of the path, the time and the average speed. It is designed by the professional staff, with amazing, challenging and advanced design and harmonious appearance.


Programs and training are defined in every machine. There is no need for an additional trainer due to the reason that all is already prepared in the machine itself and a graphic board with explanations of every program is attached on the machine.

Exercise effect


Sisyphus fitness doo

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